lauren is a dream-come-true. Patient, kind, diplomatic, and sophisticated beyond measure. She gets an A+ from my husband and me. She's the type of person that you always want to pick for your team."



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Let me start out by saying that we had a wedding in a really remote location—which made planning well… difficult. But we couldn’t pass up the venue—it was absolutely stunning. To her immense credit, Lauren handled any challenge the venue posed with grace and cunning. And, she completely “got’ the reasons we chose this place and understood our aesthetic immediately. She was clever, extremely available and always helpful.Second, let me say that I am seriously an A type. To some, I am sure that this could come across as annoying… but I never felt that Lauren was bothered by it. She understood why I was committed to making the details matter the day of. We worked very harmoniously together.

As for day of execution, she was a ninja. Everything went off without so much as a hiccup. Without hesitation, it was the best day of my life and she played a very large role in making that happen for me.

8.5 billion stars.


after working with Lauren and Emily to create a glorious, fulfilling day that went off without a hitch, I'm left with the impression that Downey Street is so very good at what they do because they care, and they care deeply. Their love of their work is evident in the energy they bring to the unending to-do's, their ubiquitous smiles, and their willingness to go the extra mile on behalf of their clients."

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My wife and I were lucky enough to have Downey Street Events plan our wedding in October of 2009. From the planning to the execution, Lauren and Emily from Downey Street were tremendously helpful, supportive, available, and thorough. Our wedding ended up perfectly, and I am beyond certain that it would not have been so without the work of Downey Street.

As the groom, all I wanted during the wedding planning process was a happy fiance and the promise that some of the relatively small requests I had for the wedding would be answered. My wishes were granted overwhelmingly well. My wife is a super busy lawyer—so busy, in fact, that I am confident that having to plan our wedding ourselves would have caused her head to explode. Lauren and Emily prevented this. In fact, they did the seemingly impossible—they tackled head on the overwhelmingly long list of tasks needed to construct our wedding, while simultaneously allowing us, the bride and groom, perfect autonomy in shaping our wedding. What we wanted, we got. Lauren and Emily cooly navigated their way through the the pressures of the clock, the competing demands of parents, and the complex vendor contracts.

Our wedding day was a perfect encapsulation of what makes Downey Streets singularly fantastic. Every moment of the day was precisely planned, so much so that we had nothing to worry about, except tripping and falling (although I’m sure Lauren and Emily could plan against that). Despite the strain, Emily and Lauren were a picture of grace. Never once did they let the seems show. Never once did they push us to keep on time. If they felt pressure, they didn’t show it. The entire time, we felt that we were in the hands of experts. Downey Street Events is constantly two steps ahead of you. Before you realize you want something as part of your event, they’ve contracted someone at a low price to provide it.

I beseech you, bride and groom to be, to bring Lauren and Emily into your planning. You and your wedding will be all the better for it.


without hesitation, I would recommend using Downey Street Events to anyone planning a party. Their customer service and attention to detail is over-the-top amazing. I'm not kidding, these women would have walked through fire for us so we didn't have to."

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Downey Street Events coordinated my wedding in mid-August, 2009, and I have to say that having Lauren and Emily on our side through the planning process was probably the best decision we ever made (second only to getting married). Through their extensive contacts in the industry and smooth yet sharp negotiating skills, they got us the best vendors at all the best prices.

If we consider the “non-refundable” deposit Lauren got back for us when we changed venues last minute, or the thousands of dollars she haggled off the caterer, or the florists’ last minute several hundred dollar charge she avoided, Downey Street Events saved us money. And that’s not to mention the time and stress involved with wedding planning that I did not have to deal with, which let my beautiful bride and myself actually enjoy our wedding and the process of planning it.

Wonderful job Lauren and Emily!


bottom line...if you want a combination of brilliant ideas for your wedding day/weekend, a meticulous knowledge of the wedding industry, an unbelievably precise planning that doesn't leave any stone unturned, two incredibly sweet and cool and fun girls to help you through it, a very reasonable and affordable price point, service that is way beyond expectation or compare...then hire DSE."

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Best. Wedding. Planners. Ever.

We could not have possibly asked for anything more when we signed on with Downey Street Events! What we first thought would be a helping hand throughout the wedding planning process turned into an absolutely intricate part of our whole weekend.

For starters, when we first met with Lauren we had only a shell of a concept planned for the weekend with lots of gaps to fill. No fear, she had tons and tons of ideas each better than the last and quickly gave us guidance on just how we could complete our weekend. Beyond that, after she spoke with us, she clearly had a perfect understanding of our specific personal goals for the weekend (something that showed off San Francisco to our guests, something that stayed true to our ‘green’ goals, and something that was not over the top but would provide just enough fun and memories for everyone involved). With all of those goals in mind, the timeline began and DSE was able to put together a sequence of events that was way beyond our own wildest imagination…all while keeping to a rather small budget!

Once we knew for sure we were in good hands and we continued the buildup to the big weekend, it was clear that Lauren’s knowledge of the whole industry and her organization were unmatched and were huge assets to us and our wedding weekend. She did not miss a single detail…both those that we had suggested along with myriad new ideas that she brought to the table.

Finally, the weekend was here and the beauty of working with DSE was evident….we had absolutely no doubts that every t was crossed and every i was dotted…the details were meticulous and the planning was impeccable. All in one day we were able to squeeze in an hour at City Hall for the ceremony, photos in the park outside, a 2 hour trolly tour of the most epic San Francisco sites, and then one of the most amazing meals you could imagine at Spruce….throughout the course of the day neither of us had to think about anything other than having fun with our friends and family…the rest was magically being done by Lauren and Emily without anyone ever skipping a beat…what a relief it was to have them there with us!

We did continue the party the following night and, lo and behold, there was DSE driving all over the city that morning and afternoon piecing together our local San Francisco desserts, driving here and there, getting our space outfitted with food and fun…all while we could sit back and relax and spend more time with our friends and family. Yet again, the attention to detail was unbelievable and the finished product even better!

It’s hard to truly understand the value of hiring any wedding planner until you go through the process but not only did this turn out to be one of the easiest and best decisions we ever made…it was also incredibly affordable! Aside from the very reasonable price they charged us directly, their ability to negotiate prices from our various vendors along the way (i.e. the trolly ride, flowers, linens, etc., etc.) ended up saving us tons of money from the prices we had been quoted directly. By the end of the weekend, the amount of work that Lauren and Emily had put in had far exceeded any of our expectations and in the grand scheme of a wedding budget, the investment in DSE was far and away the best money we spent.

Thanks Lauren and Emily and, everyone else, don’t miss the chance to lock them up for your wedding… you will not be disappointed!!


their flexibility, attention to detail and personalized service were unparalleled and we would do it all again."


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Downey Street Events made our entire wedding happen. Lauren coached us through all of the details and created a detailed plan that was executed beyond our wildest expectations. At the last minute when the city was trying to get around issuing the necessary permits, she was able to resolve the entire situation without alarming us. She and her team did an incredible job of working with our vendors and making sure they all delivered on expectations.

They ran a seamless rehearsal and were able to be flexible when we had to make some changes to the ceremony. They managed all of the decorations and supplies and on the day of the wedding were in every place they needed to be. Their recommendations were perfect and the details we worked out made the day run smoothly without anything that our guests noticed. We now consider Lauren to be a friend and recommend her to the rest of our circle!


i was one of those brides that thought a wedding planner was an unnecessary expense and I couldn't be more wrong! Listen ladies, having 2 former corporate attorneys as your point of contact during the wedding planning process is not only going to save you money but make you feel like a better person. They have no problem with negotiating."

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Above and beyond. Lifesaver. Godsend. Answer to my prayers. Peace of mind!

Those are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Lauren Geissler and Emily de Ayora from Downey Street Events. Of all the decisions I had to make during the wedding planning process, hiring them was the BEST decision of them all.

Just to give you an idea of my personality – I am a girl who knew exactly what kind of wedding she wanted but had a hard time making it happen. The reason for that is because I have a full time job, stress over details, am very impatient when people don’t call back, and easily frustrated when things don’t go my way. For me the wedding planning process wasn’t the best experience but without Lauren and DSE, it would’ve been 10x worse. The best part of wedding planning process was Lauren. She has a very calm and soothing way about her and I appreciated that so much. I loved her professional and direct approach with the vendors and her ability to understand what I was talking about even when I provided a terrible explanation. Her dedication and ability to remember all the little details are amazing. A few weeks before the wedding, my husband and I discovered that we had been tracking the guest list incorrectly (we had about 13 more people than planned) and needed to know about the table mapping so we can finalize the table seating assignment. I called Lauren frantically on although it was Christmas Eve and she was out of town spending the holidays with her family, she answered the phone and effortlessly gave us an accurate explanation on the table mapping and provided solutions to our problem.

My husband and I got married on January 16, 2010 at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and it was perfect!

We had over 160 guests, crystal candelabras, Chinese and Jewish traditions, a rock and roll touch, dancing lions and a “Phantom of the Opera without the masks” feel. I wanted rich, romantic, goth and elegant. Well I got it! Lauren and Emily put together a beautiful bouquet of blood red roses for myself and 7 of my bridesmaids, 9 bouts for the guys and even delivered it to my suite the day of despite their busy set up schedule at the venue. Just seeing Lauren and Emily walk in during the chaotic scene with hair and make up for 9 girls put me at ease. I’m telling you, they are better than a Xantax.

I could go on about the amazing organizational skills that Lauren, accurately described by Heather S. in Yelp, and tell you how helpful her timeline was but I know that you have probably read it in the other reviews and I don’t want people to read the same things. Instead I want to give my favorite moments from DSE.

Downey Street Event Highlights:

Lauren getting on the phone with the company I bought candelabras from and negotiated a partial refund even though they had a no refund policy AND we didn’t have to return any candelabras to the company. The crooks sold me 10 candelabras that were broken and had missing pieces. They were a nightmare to deal with and Lauren took over and said ” from now on you will never have to speak to them again. I will deal with them from this point on” I can’t emphasize how much I appreciated that.

Lauren and Emily figuring out a way to transport the darn crystal candelabras to the venue and managed to get them there safe and sound.

Lauren worked closely with the DJ and made sure that the music during the procession was perfect. I wanted to walk down the aisle to a specific point in the song. She was right there queueing me to walk down the aisle at the right second.

Lauren and Emily worked around my schedule and met with me in the evening until late night going over budget, timeline, creating a priority list, etc.

Emily created a BEAUTIFUL program for the ceremony and managed to include the emblem that matched my invitations perfectly. I witnessed true talent that day when I saw the program.

Due to Emily’s amazing internet research skills, she was able to find me amazing deals on pictures frames for the table numbers and candy for the candy buffet I never had. She put in so much work trying to get me a candy buffet and I decided later not to have it. I received no grief from her about it.

I was getting complaints from the bridesmaids about the time slots for hair and makeup. Some wanted to be later or earlier and I was getting stressed because I wanted everyone to be happy. When I told Lauren this she said “tell them to call me”.

I definitely will be referring them to every bride I come across…


downey street events deserves 100 stars. They were absolutely incredible. If you're planning a wedding of any type or size I recommend you call them immediately. It will be the best decision you ever make."


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If you’re not sure about whether you want to hire them, call me. I’m serious, I’m posting my phone number here because that’s how much I love them. (415) 828-6315. Call me and I will explain to them why you would be crazy to do this without them.

Ok, I’ll elaborate. We got married in early October 2009, and Downey Street Events did our planning. I knew Lauren when she was practicing law, before she became an event planner, so I already knew that she was brilliant and beautiful and poised and good at everything. But when she took over our planning I realized just how unbelievably capable she is. From the outset, she was insanely organized and had helpful pointers about everything. We started working together in April, and wanted to get married in October. As many of you realize, that’s a pretty short amount of time to pull it all together.

First, we needed to select a venue. We really didn’t know what kind of a wedding we wanted, or how large we wanted it to be, and talking through it with her helped us to clarify our thoughts. She suggested multiple places that would be within our budget, and talked to representatives to determine availability and any possible discounts. Lauren saved us thousands of dollars on venue/catering alone. She’s a great negotiator and knows what to ask for and where the potential discounts exist. If you’re anything like me, the whole wedding business is sort of a mystery, and I cannot emphasize enough how important and helpful it is to have someone (not just anyone) who knows it inside and out working with you.

Once we had the venue, Lauren helped us to select a florist, suggested decorating tips, hosted a cupcake tasting, organized a tasting at the venue, sought out local hotels and negotiated room blocks with them, interviewed DJs, and generally coordinated, um, EVERYTHING (I’m sure I’m leaving a ton of things out). She was always available for questions, no matter how small or detailed, and worked as much with me (the bride) as with my mom and our families. For each of the above-mentioned things she helped with, she saved us tons of money and made suggestions that made our wedding completely perfect.

As our wedding day approached, Lauren sent out an incredibly detailed timeline showing exactly what would be happening when, including all of our vendors and our other wedding events. She orchestrated the schedule masterfully, and I never had to worry about anything. I knew she had it all completely under control.

Before I get to the day of the wedding, I should also mention how helpful Emily was. Emily, also a lawyer, worked with us on the wedding as well as other wedding events. She organized the rehearsal dinner with my now-mother-in-law by finding restaurants, finalizing a contract, and setting the menu. She contacted countless venues for a possible afternoon event and negotiated prices with many of them. Like Lauren, Emily was a complete professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. The rehearsal dinner was absolutely gorgeous—Lauren and Emily even did the flowers!

Finally, on the actual wedding day, Lauren and Emily made it perfect and seamless. Not only were they SO organized, they were warm and kind and calm and everyone loved them. They coordinated with the various vendors, made sure the decorations were just as we had discussed (it looked amazing!), helped keep things on time, and worked with the wedding party to keep everyone in the right place. They had things available for the wedding party such as snacks and Shout wipes (came in handy when the flower girl had some chocolate snacks) and anything else you could ever possibly need or want. As if they weren’t busy enough, they were constantly checking in with us to see if we needed anything (champagne, appetizers, etc), let us know when we would be moving to toasts, etc. I danced the night away knowing that all of the details were handled perfectly by Lauren and Emily. And best of all, Lauren made sure I had lip gloss available all night so the pictures would turn out well—she had it in her pocket for me!

Our wedding was the best day of my life, and I attribute no small part of that feeling to Downey Street Events. Weddings are wonderful and beautiful, but as all brides, grooms, and families know, they can be expensive and stressful to plan. Hiring Downey Street Events will remove the stress from the process and save you money. I hope I’ve conveyed how amazing they were. If not, call me. Seriously.


i had the most stress-free wedding anyone could hope for, and I really credit Cassandra with being the wizard behind the curtain."


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Cassandra was a great. If I am in a position to need an event planned, I would most certainly call her.  She is organized, calm, friendly, and open to working on any idea or theme you could consider.

We had a previous planner that did not work out. Our wedding was in July of 2011, and we found Downey Street Events at the end of March 2011. Cassandra stepped in and made us feel right at ease. She contacted the vendors we already had and made sure that nothing was missed. We gave her ideas of what we were looking for, and she made calls, got quotes, and gave us nice organized choices that made our lives so simple. She even took my “do it yourself” table card project and assembled them for me!

I had the most stress-free wedding anyone could hope for, and I really credit Cassandra with being the wizard behind the curtain.


i can't imagine what it must be like to be a wedding planner. I especially can't imagine what it must be like to be a wedding planner like Lauren and Emily! So many details and so many crazy families, but they are as excited as if it is the first wedding they've ever been to, and as professional and organized as if it were the 1000th."


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We had weekly conference calls with Lauren starting about 2 months before our wedding. Without having ever met in person, Lauren was willing to listen and weigh in on such weighty topics as how many tables we should have for a cocktail hour and whether we should take family pictures for 45 minutes or 60 minutes. Amazingly, she demonstrated that she cared about us and our family, she remembered what we spoke about previously, and delivered everything that she promised.

I am not a particularly detailed oriented person, but Lauren certainly is. She is organized and meticulous and makes sure to think of everything and remained patient and knew when to suggest options (rather than leave things open ended) when she knew that we didn’t really have an opinion. She is also very enthusiastic and professional and respectful of the choices and style that we brought to the table. She sets appropriate limits and clear expectations both with us — but more importantly with vendors who needed to know what the limits were. For example, at the end of our wedding, when the leader of the band we hired lost his professional demeanor, she stepped in before he could act out further and took care of the situation (which involved putting herself out in a way that was far beyond the call of duty by any measure.) My wife and I were away at the after party with our friends and never had to see a second of the shenanigans.


on the big day, I couldn't have been more relaxed. I was never bothered with last minute questions about set-ups or vendors. I was a guest at my own wedding. Getting married can be stressful enough and DSE makes it the best day of your life."


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Downey Street Events planned the most amazing wedding for us in August 2009. We had only 10 weeks but Lauren & Emily at DSE made everything happen flawlessly. Actually, they moved heaven and earth to make it perfect.

Lauren is the most organized person I have ever met. Her budget spreadsheets were so detailed that we knew exactly where our money was going. She kept us within our budget which felt impossible. She created timelines outlining everything from the rehearsal, the wedding day, the photo shoot, the speeches, dances and music to name a few. Her documents were color coded and easy to understand. No detail was overlooked.

Six weeks before our wedding, we had a location fiasco and had to move venues. Not only did Lauren get us our non-refundable deposit back but she replanned our whole wedding in 6 weeks flat. Throughout this process, Lauren and DSE anticipated my needs and made me feel at ease with every small detail. I think she had the whole thing memorized! She could tell me anything from sizes of tablecloths to the number of glasses we rented off the top of her head. Lauren responded to my calls and emails late at night and on the weekend because customer service is so important to her.

It was so exciting to work with a creative genius like Lauren. She had fun and stylish ideas for so many things that often get overlooked. From our guestbook, to our favors, to the dinner menus, to the bathroom amenities, and the décor, Lauren brought unique and memorable ideas to life at our wedding.

Our guests raved about the wedding. We were so happy with how it turned out. I would recommend DSE to everyone I know!!! Their service is priceless. Thank you so much!


thank you for saving my sanity, Emily, and for treating our wedding like it was your best friend's, even though we've still not known each other a year."

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Wow. Where to begin without attaching my 25 page PowerPoint that Downey Street Events made come true. You think I’m joking…but sadly it is true!

I worked primarily with Emily and was always impressed with our communication. Her response time was exactly what I would have hoped for and expected from any person in the professional world. Lauren attended our tasting and helped us choose linens etc. and was also very well informed, easy to be around and fun.

Having our tasks, timelines, conversation threads and backed up files all in the customized Basecamp they set up for us allowed me to get all those little ideas and questions out of my ever buzzing mind and onto the page. Emily was a huge help with any vendors I was having a hard time narrowing down or assessing the value of. She had great suggestions when I had exhausted my vendor research resources. (You can only read so many blogs!) I had a very specific aesthetic in mind with my design and restaurant industry background. I wanted the food to taste amazing (thanks LRE), I wanted the flowers to glow (thanks Natalie Bowen) I wanted the photos to be natural and magical (thanks Annie McElwain), I didn’t want helmet hair or Barbie make up (thanks Jill @ Sublime + Cindy Chan) and overall, we didn’t want any bit of our wedding (the 16th wedding in a two year stretch) to feel like we were trying to keep up with the Jones.

A month after the wedding, we look back on the weekend and realize that every single thing went as well as we could have hoped. It was seamless, fun doesn’t even begin to describe the party, delicious, gorgeous down to every detail…and every event happened exactly on time or ahead of schedule. The best money we spent on the entire event was with Downey Street. They helped us make this huge commitment of time, travel, money and love everything we’d hoped it could be. Honestly, I wouldn’t do a single thing differently.

Not to fall right into the bridezilla category by saying things that are all about me and my *big day*…clearly people have been getting married since the beginning of time, but I do believe I am truly special. Ha. Ask my friends! I always go over the top with making things from scratch. I was inspired to have our wedding feel as authentic, fun and DIY as it could possibly be. I had a lot of specialty items I’d made; fabric wrapped flower vessels, large lanterns, movie posters, mini theme parties varying by table, intricate nametags that hung on each wine glass, wreaths, succulents for the tequila tasting area, banners, gumballs, bocce balls, you name it, I had a wish list and a very specific vision for how it would all come together. Every single item was placed perfectly and every vendor came through. Emily’s tireless answers to my questions and ideas for alternate ways to do things when we hit road blocks, were like solid gold. Solid gold nuggets, people.

If you’re questioning whether or not their reviews give you enough depth, please trust that I owe them nothing but thanks and my husband (that word is still alien to me) and I could not have made it through the day/months of planning so smoothly and so inspired without them!